Information on Organo Gold in NC


I have received a lot of “interest” and “inquiries” lately about Organo Gold so I wanted to give an update for people who want more information. There are two leaders in my upline;

Kyle Freeman or 704-996-4390

Ken Robinson or 404-839-3008

And these two guys can help you with your Organo Gold business or get you pointed in the right direction! Personally I have not been “active” in Organo Gold for the last many months however I did earn money when I was involved mainly because of my down-line.

Dr. Wilkins or 252-217-7384

As a business consultant I got involved with Organo Gold under a friend Kyle Freeman and I wanted to show people the “social media” strategies I could help them implement as well as what could be done online through a custom WordPress site like this one however “no one” was interested. Organo Gold, is, like many other MLM’s, a person to person business. I was originally excited because my up-line was excited and so was my down-line however since I did not host coffee events, I do not dress in a suit and tie for meetings and I do not have a network of people who have the desire to get involved my interests, on a personal level declined.

I do still maintain a Facebook page and LinkedIn Group;

I may get directly involved at some point in the future however the “pay-out” matrix is complex and just like every other MLM out their the “hype” does not accurately convey what you can expect! If your passion is network marketing and multilevel marketing then Organo Gold may be an awesome business venture for you! If you are new to MLM then I would do a considerable amount of research before you join. Personally I did not lose any money, in fact I made 4-5 times my investment back during the time I was “active” and qualified to receive money. I have nothing bad to say about Organo Gold and I am leaving this site, my Facebook page and the LinkedIn Group active for now because there is no harm in that.

If you want to learn more about my primary business click the images below!


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Getting Paid with Organo Gold on Auto Pilot

You know what is wild…??? I have done absolutely nothing with Organo Gold due to be so busy with my consulting business however over the last 3 weeks I have made $532.50 with Organo Gold on auto pilot!

Here is a screenshot of MyOGWallet account;

In the last 3 weeks I have received payment to MyOGWallet account and I transferred it to my OG Debit Card!

Now I do not know about you but I have singed up (2) people and they are the reason I have made money, them and their awesome down-line! I would like to express my appreciation to Kyle Freeman, Ken Robinson, Chris Oliver, my two legs Jennifer and Saint Paul Edwards and William Edwards to include their close Team members with special thanks to Jirah and Dr. Wilkins. For those I did not mention by name I am sorry but you are appreciated!

Healthy Coffee’s, Tea’s & Hot Chocolate by Organo Gold!

Organo Gold products incorporate the “King of Herbs” Ganoderma Lucidum that is 100% organic. Once you learn about Organo Gold you will want to know how to get involved so take a few minutes and watch this video by Holton Buggs;

I am a business consultant who owns Expert Business Presentations and I work from home in Charlotte, NC! I was introduced to Organo Gold by my friend and client Kyle Freeman and on his advice I chose to get involved. After tasting the various coffee’s, tea and hot chocolate I received in my first shipment it became very obvious to me that Organo Gold has something special that can benefit an average guy like me financially. I created this blog to do several things; a. to promote my Organo Gold business and sell the products offered by Organo Gold through my Buy Now page, b. to share information like the video above and other things about Organo Gold and c. to connect others to my various social media profiles while encouraging people to sign-up with Organo Gold. Click onto the flyer below to be redirected to my Organo Gold website and click then onto the Join Now button to get started!


I will be very happy to speak with anyone about Organo Gold at anytime just use the Contact page of this blog to contact me! Organo Gold has already paid me and I am excited about the money I can earn with Organo Gold here in Charlotte, NC and beyond! For more information via voice recording call and listen at 888-465-7778!

Organo Gold will expand in Charlotte NC and beyond!

This is who we are:


This is what we offer:


Call 888-465-7778 to hear the recorded message about Organo Gold and visit to see what Organo Gold is about!

Organo Gold is expanding into Charlotte, NC and will be exploding throughout the state and up and down the eastern seaboard! For more information:

Organo Gold is the only multilevel marketing company who puts the people first and who focus on the sale of great healthy products! Contact me anytime to dialog about this incredible opportunity!

Learn More About Organo Gold

If you want to learn more about Organo Gold the best way is to get onto the national call and there are two times per day!


Then if you want to join just click this flyer (or the Organo Gold logo below my Facebook and Twitter icons to the top right).


Now all you have to do is click onto the Free Sample page on this blog and I will be happy to send you a sample of your choice of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.


If you have any questions contact me anytime!

Free Sample of Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate from Organo Gold

Do you love coffee, tea or hot chocolate? Click onto the Free Sample page and let me send you a free sample of the Organo Gold product of your choice!


You can also click the flyer above and be redirected to my Organo Gold website where you can Join Now to become a Distributor for Organo Gold! See the Business Opportunity page of this blog to read about the business and click the buttons under Facebook and Twitter to see videos and to obtain more information on Organo Gold.

If you would love to buy some coffee, tea or hot chocolate from me just click the Buy Now page and make your selections where you can then check-out with PayPal! Feel free to contact me to learn more about this opportunity using my contact page!

Organo Gold products contain the “King of Herbs” GANODERMA LUCIDUM which for over 4,000 years has been known world wide for its miraculous positive impact on the body! If you are interested in my help to create some powerful marketing tools like this blog and flyer for your own Organo Gold business I will be happy to discuss the options I can provide you!

Organo Gold – My first shipment has arrived!

I signed-up for Organo Gold at the Silver level for $527.45 and today I received my first package, $450 in wholesale value!

Organo Gold is a great opportunity and if you want to sign-up click onto the Join Now button on my site by clicking this flyer:


You can also call or e-mail me anytime!